Louise. 12/26/00-02/11/09.
Louise was my first pug. I had wanted a pug for years before I
ever got one. She rode with me to work everyday for almost a
year. She was completely spoiled and just completely rotten!
Louise alternated between welcoming other pugs into the
home and bossing them around. She was the hall monitor
and would find a way to tell on the other pugs. Even though
she was only about 17lbs her nick names were "Big Girl" and
"The Big One." She will always hold a special place in my
Teddy. 07/28/96-06/23/09.
We adopted Teddy from SEPRA-Southeast Pug Rescue &
Adoption, in 2005. I will never forget the first time that I saw
him at a pug meet up with his foster mom~it was love at first
sight. A pug has never captured my emotions like Teddy did;
he was my 'heart' pug. It makes me tear up just to look at
pictures of him or think about him. I love you Teddy Bear!
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Pugs of Past-always in our hearts
Baby Girl. DOB 10/25/98.
Baby Girl came into our lives on March 15, 2008. She is so tiny,
but so full of life. She arrived into rescue with a collapsing
trachea. Baby Girl is a hospice pug with SEPRA, which means
she'll stay with us for the rest of her life.  On May 12, 2008,
Baby Girl received a titanium trachea stent. You can read more
about her story and SEPRA at
www.rescuepug.com and at
www.yorkieangelpatrol.com/babygirl.htm She is the most
spoiled pug ever and I know that it is mostly our fault! All she
has to do is make a noise and we grab her up and carry her to
where ever she wants to go. Although we love Baby Girl to
pieces, I am pretty sure that if she thought she could get more
attention from someone else that she'd pack her bags.