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Where does the day go?

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Where does the day go? Of course all of us are busy with different activities during a day, but this week I have realized there are just not enough hours in a day for all the social networking sites. There is Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace (which I rarely update), PugVillage, Dogster, and now my blog. I work on the computer all day at work and you would think that I would not enjoy getting in it when I get home, but that is pretty much the first thing that I do when I walk through the door. I could easily spend 3 hours answering emails, checking out my friend’s status updates, and making witty comments about people’s pugs. And I will admit that I sometimes neglect my household chores, take short cuts with dinner, or put off projects because I get so wrapped up in the computer! It is a lot of fun to surf the net, but I have realized that our society is a virtual society. I rarely actually see my friends, because everyone’s lives are so busy or now the price of gas is too high to travel; but I do know what is going on with them and their lives via the internet! I guess things could be worse; we could be too busy to see our friends and family and not have the social network sites to even keep in contact!


Sunday, September 21st, 2008


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This is only my second post and I am already feeling the pressure to keep up with my daily blog. We went to the AKC dog show in Atlanta yesterday, Georgia Classic. I got to see one of my favorite southern pugs- Warpug AU34 KC’s VBo of Ivanwold; he is a fawn dog that is so handsome. I never got my camera groove on. We were a little late getting there for the pugs, because I look a wrong turn. Then I don’t feel like we got a great seat for taking pictures. I took over 200 pictures and only about 10 good ones, so practice makes perfect. Oh, I had to restore factory settings on my laptop so I don’t have any editing software installed. So what I shot is what you get…

OMG! This is my first feed!!!

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

OMG! I hope this all works, it is my first feed/blog/or whatever it is called! My blog will mostly be related to pugs, because that is pretty much what consumes my life. These are just my thoughts, feelings, and observations so if you don’t like or agree with them; just move on to the next blog.