Pug Shaped Cookies

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I have been busy baking this weekend. Considering my daily cooking activities include opening a bag of lettuce and fixing a frozen pizza; I really went all out! About 4 years ago, I found a wonderful lady who does custom almond cookies. She does the most amazing work that is not only pretty, but so good! I wanted to have pug cookie party favors (for people, not pugs) for Baby Girl’s 10th birthday on 10/25/08 and Tom Tom’s upcoming 9th birthday on 10/11/08. Times are tough and forking out a couple hundred dollars for cookies is not really an option, so I thought “I can do this!” Well, after driving all over town to buy tools, supplies, and ingredients I spent about 8 hrs and got about 48 cookies (not including the little tiny bones) and a sugar headache. It was a lot harder than it looked and a lot more time consuming than I imagined. When I woke up this morning, I was ready to throw them all away and figure out who I could dump this cookie sheet off on, but they didn’t look too bad and they were kind of tasty. So I think that I am going to give it another try next weekend. I am going to use another icing recipe though. Even though these cookies are for people, Louise stuck right by my side the entire day hoping something would fall on the floor for her! The rest of the pugs hung out in the kitchen the whole time too, I think they were confused by all the activity that rarely takes place in there!

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