The economy is in a slump, but I want…


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The economy is in a slump, but I want a Pink Vespa, a White VW Tiguan, and a White VW Euro Van Camper. I also want to get one of the new Dell mini-laptops. And these are just the things that I think about on a daily basis, not including the material things that flitter in and out of my brain on a continual basis. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have a comfortable home, a mid-size SUV (that I can afford gas), and 4 pugs ($ for the never ending vet bills). I am not sure why I am so focused on what I don’t have, maybe because all the news talks about is how long it is going to be before the economy recovers and people are talking about what good deals there are going to be out there. I guess if a Pink Vespa comes up on eBay, I’ll just have to pass on it at this point in time. I still owe on my current vehicle, so I guess I’ll have to pay it off before I get a Tiguan. I don’t even like roughing it so I have no idea why I am obsessed about getting a camper van?! I already have a laptop so a mini-laptop would be a bit redundant.
I guess at the end of the day, I should concentrate on my blessings vs. my wants. I can still fantasize though :)

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