Potty Accident at Pug Play Date

P1030604 Baby Girl

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The first Saturday of each month is designated as Chattanooga Pug’s Play Date. Since January is historically yucky weather, we have our pug gathering at Bone Appétit located at 103 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, TN. The owners, Kathy & Joan, are always so gracious to let us come invade their store for a couple of hours with a bunch of snorting pugs! Also, they are so generous and have fresh baked treats available for our babies. This year, I decided to take Baby Girl since she has only been to one other pug meet up and has never been to Bone Appétit. I admit, I was running a little late to get there, but I did take Baby Girl outside to potty before we left the house. There were only 4 other pugs there, which was a low turn out, but good so that BG did not get too excited. She and Pippa greeted each other and were off to explore the store and all the new smells. They have tons of doggie treats and the most adorable gift items. Well, inevitably, Baby Girl took the biggest poop right in the store! Luckily, it was towards the back of the shop and I could quickly scoop it up. I am sure I was about 8 shades of red from embarrassment! Then Baby Girl proceeded to pee pee on a cat toy at the front of the store! Needless to say, I was completely embarrassed at this point. I borrowed some paper towels to clean up out little piddle, but I felt compelled to buy the toy that my pug had just pee’d on. I am not sure what I am going to do with a cat toy since we have all dogs, but thankfully, it was on sale! (Maybe I can give it to my Mom’s cats and they won’t notice?) It is kind of a funny story, but one that I hope we don’t repeat again! We appreciate everyone at Bone Appétit for their support for our Pug Meet Up so please visit them and get your canine friend some yummy treats!

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