Moonstruck’s Smarty Pants-Prada


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Moonstruck’s Smarty Pants “Prada”. Prada is such a little doll baby! She was being handled by Geri Arnold for the show. And I was amazed at how she transformed from being a 20 month old playful pug outside the ring to a well behaved show contender at the end of the lead for Geri! She did have a couple of moments where Geri would have to correct her, but I think that she did great in the ring. She had some stiff competition too. But really what I loved about Prada is how at the end of the conformation events, she and I would hang out in the hotel room and snooze! She was my best friend, until her sister Mia showed up and I was cast aside! I really wanted to bring her back with me! She placed all but one day in the show and I think that she has a bright future.

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