Oscar De La Hoya


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Xoe’s Oscar De La Hoya. I’m in love with a boy. From the moment that I saw this boy in the show ring, I was smitten. It was love at first sight! I wish now that I’d gotten more pictures of him in and outside the ring at Rose City Classic. Some times there is just something about a pug that is more than how he looks, holds himself, and walks; it is something intangible. Oscar’s handler is Elyse and it is just so adorable the way that he looks to her for direction and guidance in the ring! I think that they really have a great connection. Oscar took the blue ribbon on Friday & Sunday for Pugs, Open Dogs, Fawn. He took Winner’s Dog on Friday and Sunday. I did not know until I got home and got my issue of Pug Talk that he is big stuff on the Canadian circuit! I also looked up his pedigree which has a lot of Glory pugs which have a lot of Sheffield pugs. Teddy comes from Sheffield pugs, I should have known! I can spot the good ones from a mile away. I guess that I have a particular type that I am partial to! Here is the link to Xoe’s Pugs. www.xoepugs.com

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