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First of all, I live no where near Milwaukee and can barely even spell it, but their contest benefits pug rescue so I had to enter. The contest was spotlighting Senior Pugs. The winning page will get a $250.00 donation to the pug rescue of their choice. Well, I probably spent more than 250 in supplies, time, and postage for the pages that I submitted. I went to about 6 different stores looking for a recordable greeting card. I had an idea to add music to Teddy’s page, and I had just about given up until I finally found a card where you can record your own message! I think that I did a pretty good job on my pages and hope that I (SEPRA) wins! You have to turn up the volume so you can hear Elvis’ “Teddy Bear”.

For more information on Milwaukee Pugfest and their efforts to raise money for pug rescue:

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  1. Everyone,

    Please go to the link below and vote for Milwaukee Pug Fest as the best “festival” in Milwaukee,
    It was submitted last night and we are in 6th place. Tell your friends and vote often!
    This is great publicity for our pug rescue event.

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