Louise-RIP Big Girl


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I took Louise to the vet’s office for a dental and possible soft palate trim. She really wanted to ride in my lap on the way out there and I felt so bad that she couldn’t because I had on a black sweater (now I wish that I’d let her). My biggest concern about the dental was that if she had an infection/abscesses that I did not want to have to pull a bunch of teeth. She had to have something to fight with Lola!
Standifer Gap called me just a little after 1:00pm. I really thought that they were calling to say Louise’s teeth were worse that I thought. But unfortunately, it was to say that Louise has stopped breathing, but that they were working on her. I have been out there enough to know when and why they call a pet’s owner to know that things were not good. I let them know I just so happened to be in the car and was on my way out there. I can tell you it was the longest drive. I had a 1,000 thoughts going through my head. I didn’t cry until Andre’ just so happened to call and I told him what was happening and that I was on my way out there.
I was just about to pull up when Dr. Katie called. I knew then. I pulled up and she came outside to meet me. We both cried. I went inside to see Louise and to pet her. She was wrapped in a blanket waiting for me. It was like she was sleeping and I wanted so badly for her to wake up.
Everything was done right. The pre-blood work was done. She had the EKG set up. She got the special anesthesia for older dogs. They had just given her the anesthesia when she stopped breathing and they started working to revive her before her heart even stopped. They gave her the drug to come out of the anesthesia, but nothing worked. Thankfully, Louise probably did not even know anything. Dr. Katie and Dr. Kate Allison were there along with the other staff and I know that they did everything they could for Louise. Everyone was just as upset as I was. We are going to send her body to UT for a necropsy. Part of me hopes that there was some underlying condition and that all of this can be justified, but really, it could just as easily be nothing more than an allergic reaction to the drugs. I know this may sound horrible, but I looked at her teeth, because I did not want to feel like I should not have even taken her in for an elective surgery. They really did need cleaning and Dr. Katie said that her soft palate was folded over and it would have only gotten worse. Once again, everything was done for the right reasons, just a bad outcome. I know how much everyone at Standifer Gap cares for the animals and I wish that this hadn’t happened to them either.
I called Andre’ so that he could come out and say good-bye to Louise. He was already on his way. I am so glad that he got to pet her and hug her too.
When we were leaving, I said to Andre’ what we were both thinking, “poor Lola.” Lola can’t do anything without her sister. Even though they fought for Alpha dog position, she would go get in the doggie bed with Louise every time!
Andre’ and I both came home, got Lola, Teddy, and Baby Girl and got in the bed. We hugged them and silently cried into our pillows. Louise was my first pug and the boss of all the rest of our pugs and any other pug that came through the house. She was always the first one at the door to great me! She ruled the neighborhood from behind her 3′ tall fence. She was sweet and naughty at the same time. Even though she wasn’t the oldest of our group, she was like my first born and I would always tell her that if she would just out live the others, she could be an only pug again.

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