It is so hard to lose a pet…

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It was so hard to get out of the bed this morning. Partly because I was so emotionally exhausted and partly because I did not want to face reality. Every little thing reminds me of Louise. I have gone through so many ranges and degrees of emotions day. I spent a good deal of time in denial. It was easy to immerse myself in work and pretend that yesterday was just a bad dream. Sometimes, my mind would wander, and I would think about the tragedy of loosing Louise and would again be overcome with sadness. I have felt confused-how am I and the other pugs and my family going to make it without Louise? I have felt sorrow for Lola and the other pugs who can’t express their pain of losing their sister.
I have also felt the emotion of gratitude today. I want to thank everyone for their kind words of condolences and support. Every single time I would get an email, voicemail, txt, or message from a family member, a friend, a pug person, or a complete stranger, it has brought tears streaming down my face. But in an odd way, it has starting to heal a terrible void in my heart. I think that when we hear about someone losing a pet that we are reminded that these furry little creatures are a part of our families. I know that when people have said they have cried with me and for me that they are telling me the truth. I think that when we hear about someone losing a baby, we cry for every cat, dog, bird, fish who has ever lost their life. We cry about the thoughts of losing another pet. We cry for ourselves and the pain that it causes.
I know that there will probably be many more tears and many more pulling the covers over my head moments, but I know that I’ll get through this with the support and understanding of everyone surrounding me.

Pug Hugs,
Jana and Papa’s Pugs

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