SEPRA Pug Puppy Brady


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Valentine’s Day may be the day for lovers, but it was also the day where volunteers came together across 2 states to transport a little pug puppy named Brady to his foster home. I am a volunteer for SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption (SEPRA) and sometimes that means donating your time to get a needy pug to where they need to go. Brady was a sick little puppy that needed to go from Tennessee to Atlanta, GA to a specialist to further evaluate him. SEPRA knew that he was blind and might have some neurological issues, but there were still committed to accepting him into rescue and providing him with much needed medical care. One of the other volunteers and I met up at a parking lot just off the interstate for him to continue with me to Atlanta. Brady was so tiny and so pitiful. I loaded him into my front seat to strap him in his carrier and off we went. He cried for part of the drive and it just broke my heart. He finally settled in and got comfortable enough to sleep the last 45 miles of the trip. I was able to safely deliver him to his anxiously awaiting foster mom who welcomed him with open arms. So today was really the day to ‘Do What You Love’ vs. just a day with candy & flowers.

When the request for drivers was sent out, it was only days after losing Louise. At first, I was not really “up” to it, but in the end, it made me feel so good to help another pug. I drove in honor of Louise.

You can read more about Brady and other needy pugs at SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption’s website

Update, sadly, Brady was very sick and the gut wrenching decision was made to end his suffering. RIP little boy.

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