Mr Papas 98th Birthday

Mr Papas 98th Birthday

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Happy Birthday Papa Papa

Tony Papa, Jr: Born March 2, 1911 in Italy, immigrated to the United States in 1922. I have tried to find out Mr. Papa’s real first name and I keep getting conflicting stories from him and the family. It is quiet the debate! Either way, he is known as Mr. Papa, Granddaddy, Great Granddaddy, or Papa Papa (as I refer to him). He is my husband’s paternal Grandfather.

We celebrated Mr. Papa’s 98th Birthday with a brunch at the Broad Street Grill. Of course, we ate and Mr. Papa talked about some of the downtown buildings that he remembered from growing up, the many business ventures he’s had, and how much things have changed in his 98 years. He still manages his own rental property and surfs the net on a regular basis. If you can say anything about Mr. Papa, it is that his mind is still sharp as a tack; nothing slips past him!

Wow, how great it must be to celebrate 98 years of life with three of your grandchildren and your 3 great grandchildren! Wishing you many more years of health and prosperity.

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