Teddy to the Dogtor’s Office


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Starting on Tuesday April 7th Teddy was having problems standing on his front right leg, but I massaged it and stretched it out and he seemed better. He wasn’t completely standing on it and was kind of hobbling around when we got ready for bed. The following morning, he was just not walking right, but I could not put my finger on anything that was wrong. By Tuesday evening, I just felt that something was off so I made an appointment with the vet’s office. He would be standing up, but not all of his legs were connecting with the ground. He was also drinking and urinating excessively. Other than these things, he was acting normal.

Thursday April 9th I took Teddy to the vet’s office bright and early for blood work and other tests. I had discussed with my vet the possibility that he’d had another stroke or they mentioned geriatric vestibular syndrome. We’ll wait for the results to come back.

Saturday April 11th we went back to the vet’s office to get the lab results, which were elevated white cells that indicate an infection and he is loosing protein from his blood. We will start him on a round of antibiotics. They got a sterile urine sample and will do more blood tests to rule out some possibilities. He is still a little wobbly on his feet, which is probably not related to whatever is going on internally. His attitude is the same and he is acting normally. Well wait to see what these labs say. But after a morning of being poked and prodded, Teddy was just ready to get home and sleep!

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