Key Chain of Teddy


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There is a site called where you send out short ‘tweets’ of what you are doing or thinking at that moment. People can select to follow your tweets and you can follow others. A couple of weeks ago, I started following @shopmollyd on twitter and she had some posts about some of her handmade crafts that were canine related. Mollyd is her Daschund. I had asked her to do some pug cup collars and she did; they turned out wonderfully. See previous post Pug Cup Collar. Since that time, Brooke had gotten signed up on Facebook (social networking site) and we ‘friended’ each other. She saw a picture of Teddy and offered to make me a keychain with Teddy’s picture on it. I mean how sweet is that for someone that you don’t even know to do for you?!

I checked the mail tonight and guess what I found? I package from Brooke and Mollyd with a keychain of my Teddy that she drew and the nicest note! You can find more crafts and information about Shopmollyd at her Etsy site (like Ebay, but more for handmade items):

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