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Background: I have several point & shoot cameras to include Olympus & Fuji. In 2008, I got a Canon Powershot SX5 IS bridge camera (I also have the Canon Speedlite 430). Working with the Powershot has really given me the confidence to take the SLR plunge!

Events: I have been going to AKC confirmation shows for about 2 yrs now. I started out taking a couple of pictures of my friend’s pugs. But since I got the bridge camera, I take about 100-150 photos per event. I go to the Rose City Classic in Portland, OR and to several shows in ATL throughout the year. All of the photos that I take are just candid shots of pugs in and out of the ring.

Recently: I have been in contact with some of the show pug owners and have emailed them photos of their pugs in the ring. One of the people offered to pay me for the photos!!! Of course I declined, but I made me feel great. Well, not just great but more like on Cloud 9 from joy that I could provide a picture of their dog at an event. Plus I had no idea how to tell someone to pay me for a photo that I’d emailed to them. I love pugs, taking pictures of pugs is a hobby, but if I could squeeze out some money for it, that would be great. Realistically, I don’t know what type of market there is for these type of photos, but we’ll see.

Thoughts: I have been thinking of upgrading to a DSLR camera. Why, because I get so obsessed with some of these pugs and I want to get better shots!!!! I have been going to the free Wolf camera classes. The instructor is very good and very knowledgeable. The classes are about a 1.5hrs each Saturday, but I feel like I need some additional detailed information. I stopped today and got Digital Photography for Dummies. Ironically, if follows the same format of the Wolf classes. It is broken out into sections like ‘what camera is right for you?’, ‘intro to digital photography’, ‘advanced digital photography’, ‘edit your photos’, etc. I just felt like I needed a reference book handy for some of the terminology. I have not completely committed to a camera, but I am leaning towards the Canon 50D. Also, I believe that I need the 300-500mm lens.

In the meantime: I had a graphic artist design a logo for my Papa’s Pugs website. She is currently working on some additional images for me. Right now my site is “okay” but by no mean professional. Once I get all my graphics done, I am looking to have the whole site re-done with the new logo and colors. And possibly a way to buy photos through the site.

Future: I don’t know of any professional photographers at the AKC dog shows that do informal ring shots. Most of the photographers are doing the winner portraits. I want to concentrate on the action shots in and outside of the ring. If I get really good, I might be able to work with some of the existing agility photographers as back up person or something-still thinking on this one.

Options: AKC confirmation, AKC agility, Play Dog Excellent (agility training center), charity dog events, rescue events.

The pug in the photo is a very handsome boy, Sailor, that I photographed last year at the Georgia Classic Dog Show.

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