Cherokee Rose Cluster Conyers Kennel Club


Originally uploaded by Papa’s Pugs

Day two of the Cherokee Rose Cluster sponsored by the Conyers Kennel Club. One would think that after taking 420 photos the day before that I’d have a better day today. No. Today the pugs showed in a different ring so I was having to adjust to a different spot around the ring and a different angle. Also, I got very overzealous about trying to get shots and some of the photos had more of the ring fence and the floor than they did pugs. There were also more pugs that showed today and more people there so I spent part of the time talking and not really concentrating on taking pictures. By the end of the day, I’d taken over 700 photos. Thank goodness for digital cameras and large memory cards! When I got home to look at the pictures, I got more quantity vs. quality. I had jumped all over the place and my photos were blurry. I might have to invest in a tripod. It would steady the camera and hold me to one spot. Needless to say, I was a little deflated by my novice camera skills. Once again, I did not upload all the photos, but just the ones that I feel like were the better of the images that had good lighting and minimal noise.

But…any day spent with pugs is a good day!

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