Look at this face!


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I am going to start out on a positive note: Look at this pug’s face! Is he not stunning? I’ll answer that, YES! This was one of the few good pictures that I got today, but when you look this good, it is easy.

Now back to reality. Today was the Chattanooga Kennel Club show at Camp Jordan Arena. I had no idea that fluorescent can lights could just about ruin my day. I got to the venue really early-partly because the pugs showed at 8:00am and partly because I was so excited. The pugs were in a tiny ring in the back corner of the facility. It was so dark that I could hardly get my camera to take pictures. I tried several different settings, which I am sure that someone with more experience would have known what to do, I was grasping at straws. In the end, I just shot on Action/Sport mode and had to do some color corrections. This was also my first day to shoot in RAW and it filled up my 8GB memory card so I had to delete a bunch of photos in between dogs showing and then I would get flustered and miss an entry. When I left the venue, I was kind of down on myself and was thinking that I have bought into a really expensive hobby to end up with a handful of good pictures. After thinking about it, I would be going to the shows anyway so if I get one good photo that is better than none. Today I feel like this photo of Mianda’s Fringe Benefits was the best shot of the day. It will just take time to master this box with a hole in it.

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  1. Teri Smith says:

    Thank you for your comments about “Ben”.
    That would have made my husband so happy – he was so proud of his dog.

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