Too yellow or just sunburst?


Originally uploaded by Papa’s Pugs

My photos from today turned out too yellow and I have tried to edit them with little luck. I think that at some point I have crossed the too much editing line and ended up where I started.

The most redeeming thing about being at the dog show today was seeing CH Sunburst’s Patent Pending ‘Edison’ when the Chow Chows showed. There is no picture that can do this stunning boy justice. I semi-refrained from drooling all over him ringside and I did refrain from loading him into my vehicle and driving off into the sunset. His owner/handler was gracious as I snapped photos left and right and told him how much I LOVED his Chow. I have always loved Chow Chows and one look at Edison and you just know that he’s got that something special. For more on Sunburst Kennels and Edison

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