Happy Two Year Anniversary Baby Girl

Baby Girl

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I has been two years to the date from that fateful day that I first laid eyes on Baby Girl. I remember it like it was yesterday! So much has changed in our household over the past two years and I can’t imagine a day without Baby Girl in our lives. Happy Two Year Anniversary Baby Girl or “Baby Squirrel” as we like to call you!

We are so grateful to SEPRA (Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption) for all of their support for Baby Girl over the past two years. We would also like to say thank you to Yorkie Angel Patrol for all of their on going work on Collapsing Trachea research.

2 Responses to “Happy Two Year Anniversary Baby Girl”

  1. Kate Alicea says:

    i will never forget that first day you had Baby Girl either – neither will Ava. You had her on the exam table in Dr. Katie’s office (Ava and I just happened to be there picking up Lainie from a “spa day”) & it seemed as if there was not much that could be done for her. You had hope!! She lived out her last days with good care & most importantly LOVE!!!!!

    One year ago, Lainie went to heaven – Ava misses her terribly every day……..

  2. Amber V says:

    YAY BG!!! Happy anniversary!!

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