Lola’s First Training Session at PDX


Originally uploaded by Papa’s Pugs

Last night was Lola’s first Basic Obedience Class at Play Dog Excellent. I had gone to the orientation last week so I knew what to bring as far as collar, leash, treats, etc. I got her all natural, kosher hot dogs and cut them into tiny pieces for bait (the training word for food rewards). They said not to feed your dog before class, but Andre’ did not know this and feed her dinner. Oh well, she was still Ga-Ga over the hot dog! Andre’ and I went for the first session-Sit, Down, Leave It, Take It, and Here. She did so great on everything except for Down. She was either not grasping the concept or just being stubborn. We were all exhausted after an hour of stimulation and commands.

Baby Girl proceeded to punish us by ignoring us when we got home!

(Please excuse the poor quality of the photos-camera phone)

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