Happy 12th Birthday Baby Girl!

102510 HB BABY GIRL (7)

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We celebrated Baby Girl’s 12th (yes I said 12th) birthday today with a yummy cake from Bone Appetit Bakery! If you had told me three years ago that she’d make it to her 12th birthday, I would have seriously doubted you. She has made it through dental surgery, stent surgery for her collapsing trachea, back issues, and just general old age. She lives every day like she has us in the palm of her hand, oh wait, she does! She is the tiniest, most demanding pug that I’ve ever known. She bosses us around all the time and for the most part we do whatever she tells us to do. Happy Birthday to our Baby Girl!

To learn more about pug rescue and hospice pugs visit Southeast Pug Rescue & Adoption.
To learn more about Collapsing Trachea visit Yorkie Angel Patrol.

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