Jersey Shore B*tch!

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SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption had their annual Pugfest on October 31-Halloween. Pugfest is their biggest fundraiser of the year. It also brings in people and pugs from all over the southeast and beyond. At last count, I heard there were over 650 pugs in attendance. Each year, they have a rescue parade and the much anticipated costume contest. Our pug friend, Pippa (you’ve probably seen her in my photos before), was dressed up as Nicole “Snooki” from The Jersey Shore. This costume was fantastic complete thigh high boots, long black hair, and a trucker hat. I will go on record to say that this was the most fantastic costume ever!!! By the time that Halloween rolled around, Pippa had already been featured on one of the TV station websites. This is going to be hard to hear, but she did not win anything at Pugfest. Robbed I say! I hope that a year from now we will remember who Snooki was, so Pippa has imortalized her in pug form.

More on SouthEast Pug Rescue in the next post..

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