Paws Around the World


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I guess it is a good thing that I am so far behind in my blogging because I got my mom one of these sculptures for Christmas (hers was of a cat) so I really could not “advertise” what I had gotten her back in October. But anyway…a friend of mine and I went to the McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center’s Paws Around the World event. It was very nice and worth every center for the price of a ticket. They have fabulous buffet tables set up with different themes of food. A local artist had created these metal sculptures as center pieces on each table. You could “adopt” a dog or a cat and the money went for a good cause-real dogs and cats that need homes. The real center of attention was the guest speaker, Victoria Stilwell from “It’s Me or the Dog” television show. She is well known positive reinforcement dog trainer, but she is also an advocate for animal welfare. More about Victoria Stilwell in the next post…

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