Hello Sharrock Family of Rossville!


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So Extreme Makeover Home Edition rolled into Chattanooga, TN to surprise the Sharrock family of Rossville, GA with an Extreme Makeover. I arrived on site Sunday around 7:00pm. EM Security had control of entrance points. Heavy equipment was on site and there was already so much work that had been done. The family’s belongings were being packed up into a moving van for storage and there rest of the things in the house were put into a dumptser. Literally, everything had to come out to get ready for the demo tomorrow. The utility companies were there in full force cutting power to the house, running temporary power, running a gas line, cutting the water to the house and getting ready for a new water meter. At night the place will be light up like a football field. The neighbors were offered hotel rooms for the week, but several stayed so they could be apart of the excitement. I’ll post more later.

You can follow everything at Extreme Vision Homes

On the first night, I was there from 7:00pm to 10:30pm.

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