My story about Peaches


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Here is the story that I made up about Peaches (this is purely fictional, she is a pug).

So when I hear the name Peaches it makes me think someone who would be a waitress in a Honky Tonk in the south. She would have worked in the same tired bar just about her whole life eking out a living, but earning an honest dollar. Everyone within a 10 county radius knows Peaches; she takes care of all her customers and makes sure they never run out of sweet tea. Don’t tell anyone but the cook will sneak her a meal on the side so that she doesn’t have to pay out of her tips. Peaches has a really pretty face, just look at her left side, because she has a lazy eye on the right side. She is a little plump in the middle, but everyone loves her regardless. Peaches is a girl’s girl too, and although she doesn’t have a lot of friends, she is a true friend to a special few and would do anything for her bffs. After working a double (remember this is make believe, Peaches the pug has never really worked), Peaches is just happy to curl up in her little bed and catch some ZZZZs. Don’t think that you can wake her though, because she could sleep through a tornado tearing through a trailer park.

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