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Whew, it has been a long and hot summer at the Honky Tonk. First our A/C went out and management was starting to get nervous about us getting overheated, but the weather worked out and it cooled off long enough for the new unit to be installed. Then on April 27th a series of tornadoes blew through town. The storms started at 9:00am and went until 11:00pm. We all went into a safe area to ride out the weather. Thankfully only a few trees on the property were blown down, but we were without power for 101 hours. I didn’t count, but the manager at the ‘Tonk was sure counting. When the power did come on, the manager made us clean the whole place. Ugh! We’ve had a lot of visitors come through this summer and I am always the gracious hosts. I like to make sure that everyone is happy and having a good time. That gets you about caught up with summer activities and now for the big news… I am retiring from the Honky Tonk. I know a lot of people though that I’d stay here forever and even though I am welcome to, I am going to live with a new family. It’s been great here, but it’s time for me to move on to live the good life. I’ll miss everyone and especially my BFFs Lola, Baby Girl, and Violet. XOXO Peaches

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