A Chihuahua has changed our lives


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On June 18th, 2012, my husband sent me a text.

HUSB:Found Chihuahua. What should I do?
ME: It’s fine (Me thinking that my husband does not know if dog is a Chihuahua or Great Dane)
HUSB: Gonna bring it home
ME: Okay (Thinking he isn’t really bring a dog home. This is the person who tells me we have too many dogs)
HUSB: Pulling up, come outside

This is when I go outside with a bath towel and my husband hands me 6lbs of shivering Mexican dog. Oops, he really does know what a Chihuahua is and he really brought her home. The poor baby was running along side the road of a 5 lane road where it intersects with another 5 line road. Yikes, it was a miracle she wasn’t squished.

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