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St. Pawtrick’s Day Parade

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

A local dog group organized a St. Pawtrick’s Day Parade along the river front. We have a great pug showing and it could have become a St. Pugtrick’s Day Parade. It was an absolutely beautiful day and there were probably over 100 dogs in all.

My favorite Chihuahua was there-Pasha! I snuck in a pet before she was able to bite me.

Along our parade route, we saw a pug and a min-pin on a balcony. They were barking like crazy at us. We would yell for the dogs to go get their mom & dad; and they would run inside barking and then run back out on the balcony. The owners never came outside though.

Purple Pug Penny Party

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

020511 PPP FLYER

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Today was Chattanooga Pug’s annual Purple Pug Penny Party at Aunt Sue’s K-9 Bakery. Aunt Sue’s has been hosting our February pug social for over 4 years now. We take this opportunity each year to collect pennies, nickels, dimes, and dollars for pug rescue. We divide the funds among SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption and Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. For the pugs in rescue, literally every dollars helps. Thanks to everyone who came out to support pug rescue.

This year, I took Lola and Violet. This was Violet’s first pug social and I don’t know if she entirely knew what to think about the other pugs running around. She is so quiet and laid back and we had several young pugs there running up and down the aisles.

We had another SEPRA pug who had recently been adopted –Valerie. Valerie has only been with her new family for 6 days. Thank you to her mom & dad for giving her a new forever home.

Pug Social at Bone Appetit

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011


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Saturday was our annual Chattanooga Pugs social at Bone Appetit Bakery. Bone Appetit is located on Frazier Ave in Chattanooga and has not only homemade treats, but a wonderful assortment of canine items. They are always so wonderful to host us each January. It is usually too cold to meet outside this time of year and today was no exception-we had snow flurries so we enjoyed ourselves inside. Lola & I got to kick off the New Year with some old friends and meet some new pugs too!

Here is Lola’s friend Jack who was looking very stylish-kind of like a punk rock pug.

Pippa in her pretty party dress from her Auntie Ali

Purple Pug Party and Penny Fundraiser

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010


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Today was Chattanooga Pugs annual Purple Pug Party and Penny Fundraiser for Pug Rescue. Whew, that is a lot of “P”s. Several years ago, Chattanooga’s own Purple Lady came to our Valentine’s Pug Party and we have kept the purple theme ever since. The weather really did not cooperate today though, it was in the mid thirties and there were snow flurries. Not very many people were up to braving that kind of weather. We did have 6 people and 6 pugs at Aunt Sue’s K-9 Bakery. We let the pugs run around and at least burn off a little energy. Today was also a day for people to bring their pennies, nickels, and dimes to support pug rescue. We did manage to raise some money for SouthEast Pug Rescue and Adoption and Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. Both of these organizations help out homeless and needy pugs in the Chattanooga area.

Chattanooga Pugs at Bone Appetit

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010


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It was freezing outside today. No really, at 12:00pm it was only 25 degrees. Have no fear; Chattanooga Pugs were meeting at Bone Appétit so we were toasty warm inside. Every January, Bone Appétit lets us invade their store for our pug gathering. We had a great turn out of people and their pugs.

Bone Appétit
103 Frazier Avenue
Chattanooga, TN
(423) 756-2663

Pictured is Ashley with her pug Pippa in one of Mell’s prototypes for doggie tutus. You can see her adorable line of tutus and hair bows at

I felt like a NurdBunny

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010


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Before the holidays, I found an site from NurdBunny with the cutest hats and scarves for pugs. I am sure that other canine breeds buy them, but NurdBunny has a pug as their model. I had sent them a convo to see if they would make me a matching hat and scarf too, and they said yes! Today was our first outing in our winter wear. We went to our local doggie bakery for our January pug gathering. Lola, Baby Girl, and I all had on our hats and scarves. I can imagine the looks that we were getting riding down the road. I pulled up to a stop light and it was all that I could do not to burst out laughing. I could literally feel the person in the car next to us staring at the spectacle! Thanks NurdBunny!

Pictured are Baby Girl (SEPRA hospice pug) with he gray and pink hat, and Lola with her pink and black hat.

Merry Christmas in July

Saturday, July 11th, 2009


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The Chattanooga Pug group had a Surfin’ Santa pug party this weekend. Big thanks to Kate & Scott who organized this event complete with tropical decorations and of course, Santa!! Photos were taken and printed on site for a $5 donation to Music City Pug Rescue in Nashville, TN. We raised $75.00 to help the needy pugs in rescue.

Pictured is Lola with Santa in her customer made harness by Harness Heaven.

Chattanooga Pug Club Hosts Surfin’ Santa Photos Saturday, July 11

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Chattanooga Pugs

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Chattanooga, TN – The Chattanooga Pug Club is pleased to invite all dogs to Photos with Surfin’ Santa this Saturday, July 11 at Aunt Sue’s K9 Bakery at 10:00 am. A $5 donation per printed photo is requested. Photos will be taken from 10:00 am until there are no more dogs left to photograph! Donations benefit Music City Pug Rescue. Aunt Sue’s is located at 1420 McCallie Avenue. Media is welcome to attend.

Music City Pug Rescue is a 501(c)(3) holistic pug dog rescue whose mission is to support the needy pugs of Middle Tennessee, help the community better understand the breed, and promote the benefits of holistic animal care and training. Read more about them at

The Chattanooga Pug Club is a group of pug owners who meet monthly for pug socialization and fun. Monthly meet times are posted at

For more information, please contact Jana Papa at or Ashley Evans at

StyleWorks features a pug!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Siskin Fashion Show

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StyleWorks is an annual luncheon and fashion show benefitting Siskin Children’s Institute. This year’s fashion show included a pug! I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. Pugs on the Cat Walk!

Chattanooga Pugs April Play Date at Chew Chew Dog Park

Saturday, April 4th, 2009


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Chattanooga Pugs had our April play date at The Chew Chew Dog Park. It was a beautiful day, but had rained the night before so we had plenty of mud puddles for the pugs to jump into and get very dirty!