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All Daisy wants for Christmas is her own home

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009


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Daisy is a pug who was rescued by SEPRA and lives with a wonderful foster family, but she would love to have a family of her own for Christmas. See Daisy’s story below-

Hi! My name is Daisy. I’m around 4 years old. I was found on the side of the road near Calhoun, GA, late one night after being hit by a car. A really nice lady took me to the emergency vet and paid for all my treatment and tried to find my family. I was so scared and I didn’t know what was going on. My head hurt really bad and I couldn’t even walk. The doctor told the nice lady I had radial nerve damage to my right front leg, head trauma, and injury to my right eye but I was going to live. After a week of trying to find my family, the nice lady called SEPRA to help me get better and find me a nice, new family.

So now I’m at a foster home with two puggies who are really nice to me. I’m trying to get used to walking without using my leg, but it’s confusing because it’s there, but it just doesn’t work. My foster mom took me to another doctor to get all my shots and she said if my leg doesn’t start working soon, they will have to amputate it. That was SO scary to hear! What will I do without my leg? I’m used to running and playing and doing whatever I want. But my foster mom says if it happens, I will adapt, and I trust her, so I guess I’ll be OK. (But it’s still scary.) I am going to see an eye specialist soon to see if there’s anything they can do about my eye, but I have a feeling I’m going to only have vision in my other eye. It’s a good thing we have 2 eyes!

My foster mom also says I’m absolutely the sweetest foster puggy she’s ever had. I follow her everywhere, even though it’s hard for me to walk. I love to sit in her lap and to be held. I can stand up on my back legs and tell her when I want to be picked up. I am very well behaved and perfectly housetrained. Once I’m ready for my new family, I know you’ll just love me! If you’d like to see more pictures of me, you can look at my photo album at

UPDATE 10/2/09:
Hi folks! I know you have been wondering about me. Well, my foster mommy took me to my doctor today. My doctor said the good news was that I could keep my eyeball that was damaged from the car accident but that my eye medications would cost around $150.00 a month for the next couple of months. My mommy is a little nervous about all of that money but the nice folks of SEPRA said they thought I would have virtual fosters and that I was worth it. If it wasn’t for them, my eyeball would have had to come out. I can’t imagine how much that would have hurt me. Please, please, please, help the nice folks of SEPRA as a thank you for going above and beyond to help me get well again.

Many licks, Daisy

UPDATE 10/17/09:
Well, I came through my leg amputation with flying colors. Please pray for my foster mommy though. She almost cried when she saw I had been shaved all over. I think I sort of look like a punk rocker though. It really doesn’t faze me a bit. I was up and running as soon as my mommy came to get me from the doctor’s office. Of course, it took forever to get me to the car b/c everyone in the waiting room wanted to love on me. I had to make sure I licked them all equally! You’re probably wondering about my back being shaved. I had a few lumpy things so the dr. thought it was smart to go ahead and remove them while he was doing everything else. We still don’t know for sure about my eye but should in the next 10 days when I go back for my re-check. It won’t be long before I am ready for my forever family. My mommy is going to miss me b/c she said I provide lots of warmth to her lap and tons of wet kisses to her face. But, we both know I can’t stay here forever. If you are not able to adopt me, please consider being one of my virtual fosters. If you are ready for a sweetheart of a pug, please apply now. I should be ready for you in just a bit! Love, Daisy

Update 11-3-09:
WHEW! I took a long restful few days after Pugfest 2009! If you were there, you will remember me. I was the one with the loooong tongue, oh, and 3 legs. I think I was in human arms more than I was actually in the foster pen. Every time someone put me back, someone else wanted some kisses. Of course, I found it important to greet everyone properly with many licks. My mom thought I was ready to start my search for my forever family. The doctor that took out my lumps said they were not cancer. He wasn’t sure what they were but could possibly be scar tissue from my accident. He also said I only had to continue my antibiotic eyedrop now. My foster mommy will be so sad to see my leave. She and I love each other very much but she knows that it is very important for me to find a family who can keep me forever. If you think you can provide a warm lap and a loving home, please apply and specify Daisy.

UPDATE 11/28/09:
Do you love my Christmas picture or what!! My mom is so talented. Of course, it makes it easier when her subject is so beautiful! I’m still here waiting on my forever family. I really hope I can make someone’s Christmas a little brighter this year. I know it would mean a lot to me to find a home that could keep me forever. I am a great little girl who loves attention from other dogs and humans. I run and play as if I had 4 good legs. I play with toys and do all the normal things that puggies do. Please don’t let the 3 legs fool you. I am not handicapped in any way by the loss of my leg. If you a looking for a wonderful Christmas addition, please apply for me.

For more photos of Daisy at SEPRA’s website: