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I felt like a NurdBunny

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010


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Before the holidays, I found an site from NurdBunny with the cutest hats and scarves for pugs. I am sure that other canine breeds buy them, but NurdBunny has a pug as their model. I had sent them a convo to see if they would make me a matching hat and scarf too, and they said yes! Today was our first outing in our winter wear. We went to our local doggie bakery for our January pug gathering. Lola, Baby Girl, and I all had on our hats and scarves. I can imagine the looks that we were getting riding down the road. I pulled up to a stop light and it was all that I could do not to burst out laughing. I could literally feel the person in the car next to us staring at the spectacle! Thanks NurdBunny!

Pictured are Baby Girl (SEPRA hospice pug) with he gray and pink hat, and Lola with her pink and black hat.

Papa’s Pick-Crust Pizza

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Crust Pizza

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Here is Papa’s Pick-Crust Pizza! The pizza is made on a super thin, cracker like crust. It provides the perfect platform for a delicious sauce and scrumptious toppings. For starters, we got the sALADMANDER salad. This was an ample side salad with a good mix of fresh lettuces and veggies; they also make their own salad dressings. We ordered our own pizza with Crust Red sauce-it is a spicy Roma tomato sauce- fresh spinach, artichoke hearts, and mushrooms. The thin crust really lets the ingredients and toppings speak for themselves. They also have a selection of signature pizzas to pick from too. The sauce was great if you like a little kick and you could tell the other ingredients were fresh too. They even grow their own herbs in front of the store. They have a great selection of beers. And to end the meal, they have chocolate cup cakes with butter cream frosting. The food is more than worth going back for and especially to try some of the other sauces.

But the ‘write home to mom’ story about this place is the EXCELLECT service and CLEANLINESS of the restaurant. The entire staff was A+ for knowledge of the menu, attentiveness, and friendliness!!! My biggest pet peeve about eating out is rude and lazy employees. The people act like they are genuinely glad to be there and to help you. Our waiter “Spock” was outstanding along with everyone else that we encountered.

So in conclusion, if you want great pizza and great service, go to Crust Pizza located at 100 Signal Mountain Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37405 (423) 877-6469.