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Bruce-get out jail free

Monday, April 11th, 2011

On Saturday, Bruce broke loose from jail. Okay, it was not jail and he didn’t do anything but wag his tail. Volunteers from two states came together to rescue him. Bruce was turned into a local shelter because his family could not afford to take care of him. Sadly he is heart worm positive and the treatment can be very expensive. McKamey Animal Care & Adoption Center contacted Southeast Pug Rescue to see if we had a spot for Bruce. So with a lot of emails, a lot of planning, and a lot of miles, Bruce was safely transport to a foster home where he will be loved and cared for until he can get a clean bill of health.

Thanks to Trish, Tori, Susan, and Pat for helping to rescue this guy.

Meet Peaches!

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

DSCF2496 Peaches

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Okay I am going to condense about a week, 100 emails, 25 phone calls, coordinating 10 people, and more than 200 miles into a post. I knew of a pug, Peaches, for about a week that would be coming into rescue. There were several emails and phone calls to get her transported to Chattanooga then the plan was for her to go on to Georgia to a foster home. For about a week, I thought in the back of my mind, “what if I need Peaches?” I am not sure why I was having this thought because I’ve transported many pugs and that has never been an issue. When I saw this big, okay huge, lump of love sitting in the front seat of another volunteer’s car, I said “Peaches is coming home with me”! Of course, I had to call Mr. Papa of Papa’s Pugs to make sure that he didn’t mind. A pug was the least of his concerns because he informed me that I had in the 20 minutes before going to the pug meet up spot that I had deleted his entire company website ( I later restored his website). Thankfully he said yes to Peaches though. So I loaded up this portly pug into my car and home we came. Peaches is a dream! She is 12 years old, potty trained, can get up & down the stairs, and has a great attitude. We are going to foster her through SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption. I’ll keep everyone updated once she sees the vet and get on the website for adoption. Click on the photo to see more pictures.

Privacy Please

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009


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I love Lucy, but Lucy may need a little privacy while she does her business. I transported the most fun lovin’ pug today! She got to ride with me for a couple of hours and it was an interesting ride. Lucy weighs about 30lbs (way too much for a pug) and she spent the 2 hrs trying to climb in my lap while I was driving. I snapped some photos of her while we were on a pit stop waiting for her foster mom to meet us. Lucy is so pretty and her fur is so soft, these photos don’t do her justice. The best part of Lucy is her personality though! You can’t help but to love her after just meeting her. For more information on Lucy and other pugs in need a of home, visit SEPRA at

It’s hard to see a pug suffering

Saturday, August 1st, 2009


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This was a very painful transport. Shayla was pulled from a shelter where she’d probably been hit by a car because she has a broken pelvis. Another volunteer for SEPRA had pulled her from a shelter in the Knoxville, TN area and brought her to Chattanooga and from there I took her to Atlanta, GA where she went to her foster home. From the moment that I saw Shayla, I knew that she was in pain. It is so hard to see a pug suffer! I stopped and got her some pain medication so that she could get through the weekend before seeing the vet the following week. You could just see the sadness in her eyes. The good thing is the pug rescue will make sure that she is able to recover and make her way to a forever home that will take care of her for the rest of her life.

Tiny Hinny Transport from Alabama to New York

Saturday, March 7th, 2009


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Have you ever driven a dog (cat, bird, or any other animal) in a relay fashion over a long distance? If so, then you should be familiar with terms like ‘transport’, ‘run sheet’, ‘it’s a go’, ‘legs’, etc. This is kind of how it works: an email goes out on a Monday that gives the details of the dogs that have probably been rescued from certain death that will be transported to a receiving rescue group. There are different time slots/legs of the trip that are divided into roughly 1hr segments. You sign up to drive a small portion of this normally long journey to help a dog or many dogs to safety. If you have ever replied yes, you will probably have people begging you the drive for the next 20 years! Most of the transports are on Saturday & Sundays. There will subsequently be about 20+ emails and some of them coming as late as midnight on Friday night finalizing driver information and coordinating meeting locations.

So why do people who have never met each other offer up their time and gas money to drive dogs that they may never see again? Simply put, BECAUSE THEY CARE AND THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

On this particular transport going from Gadsden, AL to Fayetteville, NY, there were a total of 9 small breed dogs on my leg. The cutest were these two female Boston Terriers! This can be a traumatic experience for some of the dogs that have long distances to travel. They are in strange cars with strange people. They get handed off to a new driver just about every hour. Every time they get out it is in a new place with new scents and smells. But the ending is that these transports literally save their lives and they go on to be adopted by loving families. But back to the Boston Terriers, they were just so cute and despite the circumstances, you knew they had good hearts. Then, let’s not forget about Ricky Bobby, the Pomeranian. He barked the entire 1hr drive with me. When I got him out for his potty break, he looked at me like, “oh, no, I might not be as big & bad as I thought!”

If you ever have the opportunity to drive a leg on a transport, do it. It is so rewarding to know that you were able to help out in a small, but grand way!

SEPRA Pug Puppy Brady

Saturday, February 14th, 2009


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Valentine’s Day may be the day for lovers, but it was also the day where volunteers came together across 2 states to transport a little pug puppy named Brady to his foster home. I am a volunteer for SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption (SEPRA) and sometimes that means donating your time to get a needy pug to where they need to go. Brady was a sick little puppy that needed to go from Tennessee to Atlanta, GA to a specialist to further evaluate him. SEPRA knew that he was blind and might have some neurological issues, but there were still committed to accepting him into rescue and providing him with much needed medical care. One of the other volunteers and I met up at a parking lot just off the interstate for him to continue with me to Atlanta. Brady was so tiny and so pitiful. I loaded him into my front seat to strap him in his carrier and off we went. He cried for part of the drive and it just broke my heart. He finally settled in and got comfortable enough to sleep the last 45 miles of the trip. I was able to safely deliver him to his anxiously awaiting foster mom who welcomed him with open arms. So today was really the day to ‘Do What You Love’ vs. just a day with candy & flowers.

When the request for drivers was sent out, it was only days after losing Louise. At first, I was not really “up” to it, but in the end, it made me feel so good to help another pug. I drove in honor of Louise.

You can read more about Brady and other needy pugs at SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption’s website

Update, sadly, Brady was very sick and the gut wrenching decision was made to end his suffering. RIP little boy.