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A House with History

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Holmes

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First-Murphy’s Law: when you and your house are at their worst, you will have company!
Next-About 4 weeks ago, I had stayed home from work with a head cold. You know the kind that if you move your eye balls, you head feels like it is going to explode! It was about 11:30am and I had finally managed to crawl out of the bed. Mind you, I have not brushed my hair and I am still in my pjs, when a black car pulls up. My husband was working from home and said, “It is probably the people who used to live here.” Who says something random like that? Well, it was! Jean introduced herself as Mr. Miller’s daughter. Mr. Miller built the house and was the first owner. I was stunned and thrilled at the same time! I invited her and her husband in to see the house and apologized profusely for it being in such disarray! Jean did not live here long before she went off to college, but she showed me which bedrooms were hers and her parents. They used one of the spare bedrooms as a den. They were very gracious as I gave them the tour! When they left, I vowed to keep my house clean and no matter how awful I felt and to shower as soon as I get up in the mornings.
Then-Fast forward to today. I took a vacation day to wait for the plumber, clean house, and run some much needed errands. The plumber was here and gone by 10:00am so I set off to do some DEEP cleaning. In the cleaning process, things have to get worse before they get better. About that time, I got a pleasant surprise. A gentleman was at the door to tell me how he and his wife were married in my living room 58 years ago! How great is that? I went out to the car to invite his wife and their friends inside to take a look. And to top it off, their friend, Bill, had done all of the plaster in my house. My house has the most wonderful and detailed plaster work. It is not frilly, but very deliberate in its design. Bill did a wonderful job 58 years ago, because the plaster is still in perfect condition. I had Bobby and Bobbie (isn’t that cute) pose for a picture in the living room where almost 58 years ago to the day (Dec, 16th, 1950) they began their life. Bobby told me how the Miller’s had finished the house not long before the big event. He said the living room was filled with people to share in joyous occasion. In no time at all, Bobby & Bobbie and Bill & Madalyn were on their way.
Finally-I feel so fortunate to live in not just what I would consider a house, but what I am honored to call a home. Structurally, it is unique in its design (there is a smaller version in town that Mr. Miller built) and designed solid as a rock. But I am proud that is the type of home where a daughter would want to return to see her father’s handy work. I am proud that a couple started their future in my living room. I am grateful for the handcrafted work that has stood the test of time. Once again, I feel compelled to promise myself to keep my house spotless for the next visitors. But then again, if it being a wreck means that I will have people stop by to share their memories of this home, then the mess will have to wait!
Update/Modification: P.S.- Bill wanted me to make sure to let you know that it was he & Bobbie’s dad (who was also Mr. Miller’s brother-in-law) that did the beautiful plaster work. Bill was on the job, but the kudos goes to Red Thornburg.

The economy is in a slump, but I want…

Saturday, October 11th, 2008


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The economy is in a slump, but I want a Pink Vespa, a White VW Tiguan, and a White VW Euro Van Camper. I also want to get one of the new Dell mini-laptops. And these are just the things that I think about on a daily basis, not including the material things that flitter in and out of my brain on a continual basis. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have a comfortable home, a mid-size SUV (that I can afford gas), and 4 pugs ($ for the never ending vet bills). I am not sure why I am so focused on what I don’t have, maybe because all the news talks about is how long it is going to be before the economy recovers and people are talking about what good deals there are going to be out there. I guess if a Pink Vespa comes up on eBay, I’ll just have to pass on it at this point in time. I still owe on my current vehicle, so I guess I’ll have to pay it off before I get a Tiguan. I don’t even like roughing it so I have no idea why I am obsessed about getting a camper van?! I already have a laptop so a mini-laptop would be a bit redundant.
I guess at the end of the day, I should concentrate on my blessings vs. my wants. I can still fantasize though :)

Where does the day go?

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Where does the day go? Of course all of us are busy with different activities during a day, but this week I have realized there are just not enough hours in a day for all the social networking sites. There is Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace (which I rarely update), PugVillage, Dogster, and now my blog. I work on the computer all day at work and you would think that I would not enjoy getting in it when I get home, but that is pretty much the first thing that I do when I walk through the door. I could easily spend 3 hours answering emails, checking out my friend’s status updates, and making witty comments about people’s pugs. And I will admit that I sometimes neglect my household chores, take short cuts with dinner, or put off projects because I get so wrapped up in the computer! It is a lot of fun to surf the net, but I have realized that our society is a virtual society. I rarely actually see my friends, because everyone’s lives are so busy or now the price of gas is too high to travel; but I do know what is going on with them and their lives via the internet! I guess things could be worse; we could be too busy to see our friends and family and not have the social network sites to even keep in contact!

OMG! This is my first feed!!!

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

OMG! I hope this all works, it is my first feed/blog/or whatever it is called! My blog will mostly be related to pugs, because that is pretty much what consumes my life. These are just my thoughts, feelings, and observations so if you don’t like or agree with them; just move on to the next blog.