Lola. DOB 04/02/04.
Lola is our scared little baby of the group. I always tell her that
she is the prettiest black pug ever! I'm trying to build up her
confidence. She is the youngest of the group and sometimes I
feel bad that she doesn't have a playmate, but she doesn't
really know how to play and will get to rough with the other
pugs. She's getting better though. We love this girl!
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Violet Gotcha Day 11/24/10
Violet is the newest member of our family. I had been saying
that our next pug would be a little boy, but I took one look at
her on SEPRA's website and knew that she was the girl for us.
After several phone calls and emails, I drove to Atlanta to
adopt her. The only back ground we have for her was that she
was found in a drainage ditch in Alabama. The vet's estimate
her age at about 10 years old. She is by far the sweetest pug
imaginable. We often laugh and say that what if Violet were
someone's first pug and you thought all pugs were this good.  
I am sure that it will be no time at all before our other girls
teach her some naughty habits.
My Pugs
Etta is officially a SEPRA foster, but let's face it, she will most
likely stay with us. She came into rescue from an animal
hoarding situation. Etta has undergone many surgeries from
spay, hernia repair, dentals, and FHO surgery. She still needs
another hip surgery in the future. In our household, she ranks
as the best pug. She is sweet, affectionate, and well behaved.