Happy Birthday Laurie!!!


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This is totally not pug related, but instead a big Happy 40th Birthday wish to my BFF Laurie! We all met up in the ATL to celebrate her turning the BIG 4-0! And if I must say, she makes 40 look great. Here is a recap of the night: we start out at Jennifer’s by popping a bottle of Champaign and toasting to Laurie and to the fact that all of us got together in one town to celebrate. We go to the Warren for some delish food and spirits. There are many glasses raised to Laurie and Ruby (the story of Ruby will be in another post). The night gives way to dancing; there is a photo of the DJ somewhere in the photos. We close the place down and attempt to walk down the street for breakfast. Mind you it is freezing cold and snow is still on the sidewalks. Unfortunately we don’t get to eat breakfast because Laurie lost her purse. We are canvassing the area in the middle of the night. Someone has the bright idea to call her phone. Two completely honest people found her purse and we meet up with them to retrieve it-thank you to the two guys who were just visiting Atlanta! We get back to Jennifer’s house. Someone spills a glass of wine on Jennifer’s couch and comforter. Thankfully it wasn’t’ me. We all wake up to review the photos and it was very similar to “The Hangover” except in Atlanta with girls! I will confess that the great thing about it being your camera is that you can delete any photos that you want. So even though I and random other people took about 190 photos and 10 videos. We had a lot of photos of the floor, someone’s hand, the ceiling, people with crazy eyes, etc. so only part of them were appropriate for public viewing. Laurie-you are so wonderful and I can’t wait to party with you on your 50th!!!

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