Voilet’s Second Surgery-take care of your pug’s teeth

IMG_1658 Violet

Originally uploaded by Papa’s Pugs

Today was Violet’s second surgery for the rest of her dental/extraction to be completed. She has had to have all of her teeth removed from the roots being so infected. When humans go to the dentist, we have x-rays to see if there are cavities or inflammation below the gum. This is what should happen for your canine kids too. A tooth can look white on the top (although this wasn’t the case with Violet, you could see the years of tartar build up), but there could be decay below the gum line. Violet made it through the surgery and was home resting for the evening. Here is my Public Service Announcement: Please brush your dog’s teeth and make sure they have regular veterinarian visits to check their teeth. I know that it is hard to get into a daily habit to brush your dog’s teeth, but you can also provide them with Kongs, knobby chew toys, bully sticks, and rope toys to help aid in the cleaning of their teeth.

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