Meet Peaches!

DSCF2496 Peaches

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Okay I am going to condense about a week, 100 emails, 25 phone calls, coordinating 10 people, and more than 200 miles into a post. I knew of a pug, Peaches, for about a week that would be coming into rescue. There were several emails and phone calls to get her transported to Chattanooga then the plan was for her to go on to Georgia to a foster home. For about a week, I thought in the back of my mind, “what if I need Peaches?” I am not sure why I was having this thought because I’ve transported many pugs and that has never been an issue. When I saw this big, okay huge, lump of love sitting in the front seat of another volunteer’s car, I said “Peaches is coming home with me”! Of course, I had to call Mr. Papa of Papa’s Pugs to make sure that he didn’t mind. A pug was the least of his concerns because he informed me that I had in the 20 minutes before going to the pug meet up spot that I had deleted his entire company website ( I later restored his website). Thankfully he said yes to Peaches though. So I loaded up this portly pug into my car and home we came. Peaches is a dream! She is 12 years old, potty trained, can get up & down the stairs, and has a great attitude. We are going to foster her through SouthEast Pug Rescue & Adoption. I’ll keep everyone updated once she sees the vet and get on the website for adoption. Click on the photo to see more pictures.

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